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The origins of the design-build concept began after World War II as the wartime economy was adapting to meet the boom in consumer products. An example was the growing demand for air conditioning for commercial buildings.

This was the time when Harold Price, a young Navy war veteran, was returning home to Kansas City. The fact that Harold was a registered engineer and an HVAC contractor put him in a class by himself. Harold saw the need for the design-build approach and made it the centerpiece of his profession.

"Design-build offered the ideal solution because we sold direct to owners of existing buildings." according to Harold "Owners didn’t want to deal with multiple contractors and consultants for these retro projects. They wanted a single source."

Harold’s early work was the springboard to our design-build approach to our design-build approach. Over fifty years later, it is still in the owner’s best interests. The advantage is clear when the engineers who design your system are the same contractors that build your system.

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